Sunday, May 22, 2011

apples above my head...

A normal work day...

It's like a curse, every time I take this bag out it rains.
I don't know why, but it always never fails to rain.
But it's okay, because I have apples above my head to keep me & my bag dry :)
Wearing a maxi skirt for the first time and it made me feel more of a girl!
This outfit was super comfortable and easy to work in.

でも大丈夫 :)
Maxi のスカートは初めてでとっても女の子らしく感じた :P

Skirt... $5.oo
Shoes... $20.oo from forever 21
Bag... $1,300.oo from miu miu
Watch (Casio)... Gift from my boyfriend :)
Umbrella... $10.oo from izod